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10pc Adult Bundle Sex Toy Lingerie Game Card Dice with Chocolates Valentine’s Day Gift for Her


We are delighted to offer you a 10pc bundle set for a Valentine’s Day gift with our bespoke box.

What included:

1. Adult Fun Drinking Game Card

Daring Drinking Card Game is the perfect couples drinking game. This game has been designed to increase the intimacy between you and your partner. With 50 exciting, flirtatious & daring cards, this will be a night to remember.

Pack includes:

50x playing cards

  • 28x Dirty (Black)
  • 22x Flirty (White)
Dimensions: 9×6.5×1.8 cm
Weight: 77g

Perfect for couples 18+ looking to enhance their intimacy and connect on a deeper level. Expect lots of laughter, fun and possibly ending up in the bedroom…

Discreet packaging

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2. Powerful Magic Wand Fairy Mini AV Adjustable Clitoral Stimulator Massager Vibrator

This Magic Wand Fairy Mini AV Massager Vibrator has been specially crafted to target your G-spot whilst pleasuring your clitoris to reach out-of-this-world orgasms. Feel like changing things up? hand your new toy to a partner and explore a new adventure side of foreplay.

Lube: Please use water-based or silicone-based lubricants. Do not use oil.

Mini size easy to operate and portable to carry
Soft Material 100% no-harm silicone
Spiral Head – 360 degrees to sway, bringing you a perfect feeling

Strong Vibration
Low Noise: 45db
Easy to clean
Size: 3.8x15cm. Weight: 91g

2pc AAA Batteries included

3. Open Waist Pink Babydoll and G-String 2PC Set

Pink dress, G-string, adjustable back strap, butterfly pattern on the back to support pushing up the bra.

Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane

Weight: 84g

One Size to fit UK size:  S-M / 8-12

4. A Pair of Sex Game Dice

A pair of kinky dice to add a fun factor to your bedroom play. The set consists of action dice and body part dice, providing a large number of surprises.

Action Dice: Touch, Kiss, Blow, Lick, Suck Or choose your own
Body Part Dice: Neck, Ears, Lips, Navel, Hand, Thigh

Size (single die): 1.7 x 1.7cm

5. Pink Foiled Milk Chocolate Hearts 5PC

Made with the finest milk chocolate using all-natural ingredients. Super-smooth & creamy milk chocolate.



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