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Adult Advent Calendar 2023 for Beginners Couples Sex Toys Set Magicnitz


Want to spice up your sexual life for a special Christmas in 2023? Our thoughtfully designed 12-Day Christmas Sexy Advent Calendar injects plenty of surprises and anticipation into your Christmas.

Unveil 12 Days of fun in the unique gift box for the best Christmas you will ever remember.

Whether you prefer external clitoral stimulation or an internal G-spot rumble, the 12 days of Sexy Advent Calendar will get you where you need to go.


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  • 1. LIPSTICK VIBRATOR: Elegantly shaped like lipstick and delivering a thrilling vibrating experience, this clitoral stimulator, is discreet and powerful. Carry it in a purse or pocket nobody knows. Length 11.5cm by diameter 2.2cm, requires 1 x AAA battery not included. Clitoral Stimulator, discreet and powerful,
  • 2. SEX GAME CARD: A year of Sexual Position Game Card. Size: 6.5 (L) x 2 (W) x 11 (H) cm.
  • 3. THREE-RING PENIS ENHANCER: Size: 2.3inch x 3.2inch. Diameter: 1.4- 1.6inch.
  • 4. A PAIR OF SEX GAME DICE: Action: Touch, Pinch, Kiss, Lick, tickle, play with, Or choose your own. Body Part Dice: Neck, mouth, ear, feet, neck, breast, bottom. Size (single dice): 2cm x 2cm.
  • 5. SUPER STETCHY SPIKY COCK RING: Easy to slip on. Designed to help enhance erection strength and boost your sexual stamina (results may vary). Size: 4cm outside diameter 1.5cm inside diameter. Material: 100% thermoplastic rubber (TPE).
  • 6. HANDS-FREE BEADED ANAL SUCTION PLUG: Length 10.5 cm, girth 7.85 cm.
  • 8. 7-INCH BULLET VIBRATOR: Twist the end of the lid to adjust the strength of the vibration. Petite girth for beginner-friendly users.
  • 9. SLAP FLAP CLAP PAT SPANKING PADDLE: Padded leather, soft and comfortable. Length 23.5c, width 5.5cm.
  • 10. SILICONE TEXTURED PENIS SLEEVE: length 5 cm, max insertable girth 15.5 cm. Made with super-stretchy material to accommodate most men. Easy to slip on. Added textures for exciting internal play.
  • 11: SILICONE ANAL BEADS: Great product that will enhance your sexual pleasure. Length 30 cm x width 2.5 cm, insertable length 25 cm, insertable girth 1 cm to 2.5 cm, made of silicone.
  • 12. DOUBLE SIDES SILKY MUTI-USE BLINDFOLD: Enhance your lover’s senses and increase their arousal during your intimate time. Can be used as blindfolding or wrists and ankle ties. Width: 7 cm. Length: 160 cm. Material: 100% Polyester


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