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Adult Couples Sex Daring Drinking Card Game


Daring Drinking Card Game is the perfect couples drinking game. This game has been designed to increase the intimacy between you and your partner. With 50 exciting, flirtatious & daring cards, this will be a night to remember.


How to play:

With your partner, alternate drawing a card from the pack top side down.

If you draw a “…or drink” card, you must do what it says or drink.

If you draw a “drink if…” card, the card applies to both players. Whoever relates to it must drink.


Pack includes:

50x playing cards

  • 28x Dirty (Black)
  • 22x Flirty (White)

Dimensions: 9×6.5×1.8 cm

Weight: 77g

Perfect for couples 18+ looking to enhance their intimacy and connect on a deeper level. Expect lots of laughter, fun and possibly ending up in the bedroom…

Discreet packaging

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