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Hen Party Night Out Ladies Girls Challenge Dare Scratch Game Cards And Willy Says Bachelorette Playing Game Cards


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1.Hen Party Night Out Ladies Girls Challenge Dare Scratch Game Cards (12pcs/Pack)

Scratch A Dare Game – Girl Night Out Challenge

Each player takes turns choosing a card and scratching off one kiss from each row.

Put inhibitions aside and do as written: Do What? To Who? And How?

For adults only.



1. Fun Games: It’s fun and easy to get started. The wide variety of questions and surprises make these cards a must for any party.
2. 12 Scratch Cards: The game consists of 12 scratch cards, each with 9 different challenges. Every challenge is full of excitement and surprise.
3. Perfect Party Game: This card is perfect for any bachelor night out or any party. Get to know your friends on a whole new level.
4. Use: You can complete the corresponding challenge by referring to the card, and playing the challenge to match the secret number inside the lip in the lower left corner of the card.
5. Quality Card: The cards are made from quality card paper. Both sides of each card have a beautiful glamor style and glossy surface. It will make your party memorable.



Item Type: Scratch-Off Dare Cards
Material: Paper

Scratch card size: 5.5×10.5cm

Package Weight: 30g


Package List:

12 x Scratch Off Dare Cards


Note: These lottery-style cards are for personal entertainment purposes only. Appropriate for adult use only. Not associated with any official, private, public, or government agencies.



2. Adult Ladies Willy Says Hen Night Party Bachelorette Dare Playing Game Cards (24pcs/Pack)

The Willy Says Cards are great to slip into the bags of the most devious friends in the hen party group and can either be targeted at mainly the Bride to Be or for lots of fun to be shared out among the party of girls.  The tasks include things like:

  • Neck Two Shots of Your Choice.
  • Shout Out “I’m a Horny Bitch!”.
  • Ask a Female Stranger For Her Phone Number.
  • Kiss The Next Man Who Walks In The Room.

These are just a few of the 24 fun tasks to keep the girls entertained for hours…


Decor: The game cards are perfect for the hen party, bachelorette party, etc…

Super quality: Our party cards are made of high-quality cardstock, which is durable and can be used for a long time.

Masterful design: These hen party cards are designed with funny sayings, the words mermaid and happy night will make your party more interesting.

Material: Paperboard
Size: 6.5x12cm

Weight: 28g
Occasion: Hen Party, Bachelorette Party.

For adults only.

Package includes: 24pcs/set Game Cards.


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Scratch Game Cards (12pcs/Pack), Willy Says Bachelorette Game Cards (24pcs/Pack)


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