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Over The Door Hand Cuff Restraints


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Want to transform your sex life?

Then look no further as the Over The Door Hand Cuff Restraints is the perfect piece to bring more fun into your bedroom, with easy to set up over the door design. The loops are soft padded and the straps are very durable. It will give you maximum comfort and maximum pleasure!

Place the top of each strap over the door before closing it in place, make sure the door is closed properly and this item is suitable for most doors!

Adjust each Velcro-fastened cuff to suit your partner’s wrists, and enjoy a pleasurable session in an upright position.

Please Note: Make sure the door is properly shut and locked (if the door has a lock) to ensure your safety!


Strap length adjustable from 5 cm to 40 cm, width 4 cm

Cuffs diameter adjustable 16 cm to 24 cm, width 6 cm

Material: polyester


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